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Here for the First Week's words Symbol and Collage, I created a collage of some of my recent travels.

Monday, March 8, 2010


This week's term , from the Shape/Volume chapter, is an art style that takes natural forms and turns them into geometric planes. While my wife loves the natural parks, my favorite place to visit is Walt Disney World (WDW).
The upper photo:
One of the premier hotels there is the Contemporary Resort. They try to incorporate futuristic themes, or at least what people thought the future would be like, at every turn. To show how even nature would be a clean regular shape, they trimmed the trees outside the resort very strictly. This photo was taken from the 4th floor looking out over the parking area, I found it on the DisUnplugged website at:
The lower photo:
EPCOT is one of the parks in WDW, it is over 500 acres and is split into a World Showcase, holding a mini World's Fair type of representation of various countries, and Future World, which also like a worlds fair showcases the newest in technology. The icon at the entrance to this park again repeats the theme of trees trimmed to very exacting futuristic and geometric shapes.

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