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Here for the First Week's words Symbol and Collage, I created a collage of some of my recent travels.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Illusion of Space

From the Illusion of space chapter I chose to represent a few terms:

Juxtaposition - When one image or shape is placed next to or in contrast to another image or shape.
Here the shape in contrast were made for Thanksgiving a couple years ago, she has little to do with travel but when we do, we must get a pig-sitter for our little Penny:

She almost made it under texture, don't you just want to pet her?

Now for Vanishing Point - in linear perspective the point in which parallel ines appear to converge on the horizon line.

This picture was taken June 2005, down by the ocean on the Hearst Castle property, San Simeon, in California, the fence seems to go on until the lines converge....

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